"From the Ozark's, across the plains, from coast to coast,
we are all just seeds, soaking it all in and always growing" Rick Gibson
Rick Gibson, songwriter, guitarist, presents music with roots
"OZARK Style"
From the Missouri river bottoms of Kansas City, Rick Gibson has emerged as a musical orator for those who have grown up on Ozark dirt. With a new approach to ole time music, these songs can rock you or touch you.  After years as a musical journeyman this seasoned music veteran has unleashed a modern hill country crusade. 

Thank you for visiting! Since 2012 I have been writing music with an Ozark purpose. I try to blend stories woven from Ozarkian fact and folklore with the musicality of then an now. I have been using a variety of great local musicians and friends to perform and record. I also expanded from the Rick Gibson Band to The Band Ozark. Every year is a year of exploration with new songs and a variety of guest musicians to bring the music to life and stage. Thank you so much for finding my music, I hope you will share it and do come back to check out new music and videos. Also, you can follow me on Facebook.